What Can Physical Therapy Do for Me?

It is thought that approximately 50.2 million Americans suffer from a chronic pain condition. While many people still think of a physical therapy clinic as somewhere they go if they have a severe injury, this is simply not the case. A physical therapist can help with a range of conditions, including chronic pain, and they can also help you avoid worsening your condition.

But, how do you know if this kind of therapy can help you? The good news is that these professionals use a range of techniques to treat an enormous amount of afflictions.
Let’s learn how physical therapy could benefit you.

Reduce or Eradicate Pain

You may feel pain in your muscles or joints that can last throughout the day and prevent you from sleeping well at night. While this is a common issue in sports physical therapy, it can affect anyone at any time. A physical therapist can help mobilize these areas and use treatments such as ultrasound to relieve or eliminate these pains.

Avoid Surgery


If you allow a problem to worsen, you could find you need surgery to fix the problem. But if you seek earlier treatment, you may be able to avoid more extreme solutions and manage the issue with the help of a professional physical therapist. If you search for ‘physical therapy near me’ in the Waco area, Elite Sports is a leading local physical therapy clinic.

Become More Mobile


At any age, you may find you don’t have the mobility that you used to enjoy. Performance physical therapy stretching and strengthening exercises can help you regain mobility and enjoy greater freedom of movement. You can work with a professional to evaluate your current movement and then follow a personalized exercise plan to get you back into the best possible condition.

Recovery After Stroke


Every year more than 795,000 people in the US suffer a stroke which can be an extremely debilitating medical condition. But, often there is hope some, if not all, of the damage can be reversed. You can visit the Elite Sports Waco physical therapy clinic for outpatient physical therapy and we will evaluate your condition.
We can then put an exercise plan in place to help you recover as much mobility as possible. This can be a long-term process but it can be worth it if you can get your independence back over time.

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At Elite Sports Waco we use our skills and expertise to help people suffering from a range of conditions with mild to severe symptoms. Our experienced staff can help relieve pain and reduce the risk of further damage. We may also be able to help you avoid more expensive and invasive treatment options further down the line.
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