5 Common Myths About Physical Therapy

Are you questioning whether physical therapy is the right treatment for your pain or discomfort? Will it really help? You may have heard a few common misconceptions from family or friends, but these 5 myth busters will reassure you that you should make that physical therapy appointment today.

Myth #1: Physical therapy is only useful after an accident or sports injury.

Fact: While physical therapy is often used to help people recover from injuries, it can also be used to prevent injuries, improve athletic performance, and manage chronic pain. Physical therapists can help you improve your range of motion, strength, and flexibility, and they can teach you how to move safely and effectively.  

Physical Therapy is a useful treatment for your overall body systems and can help in both preventing and managing pain.  Physical therapists are skilled medical professionals who are trained to evaluate and diagnose potential issues before they lead to more serious problems.

Therapy helps improve general mobility, reduce pain, prevent surgery and reduce the risk of falls. Treatment can strengthen muscles, manage diabetic conditions, and help with more serious health issues like stroke recovery. Physical therapists specialize in treating many forms of injuries and disorders even those that aren’t actively causing pain.

Myth #2: Physical Therapy is expensive and doesn’t work.

Fact: Most insurance companys offer some form of coverage for physical therapy, but the real cost savings comes in the value of preventive care and future costs. Without physical therapy some of those costs might be in the form of scans, surgeries, prescription drugs, or missed work. A proper treatment and recovery plan can help you prevent future injuries or falls and along with that, future medical costs.

Here is a list of insurance companies that we accept at Elite Sports Physical Therapy. If you don’t see your insurance company on the list, please give us a call to discuss your options.

Secondly, physical therapy has been scientifically proven to improve your body’s health. Physical Therapists use evidence-based treatment and sports therapy to help patients achieve their recovery and prevention goals. However, physical therapy often requires patience and diligence. Patients and therapists work together to develop a feasible plan.

Here are a few success stories.

Myth #3: Your regular clinical doctor can perform your physical therapy.

Fact: Physical therapists must be licensed by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.  It is important to visit trained therapists to ensure you get an individualized plan of care that provide the best results. Clinical doctors will ofteb give a physician referral to a physical therapist to help diagnose potential problems or treat pain, but you do not need a referral to make an appointment.

Elite Sports Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy clinic dedicated to helping our patients of all ages and mobility level achieve their highest level of independence and personal goals. If you aren’t in the Central Texas or Waco, Texas area, you can use this tool to find a physical therapist near you.

Myth #4: Physical Therapy is painful and hurts.

Fact: When you have a physical therapy session, it should not be painful if performed by a licensed physical therapist.

As physical therapy professionals, our goal is to heal and restore movement. Physical therapy is often challenging and may create soreness during and after sessions. Our patient treatment plans are tailored to fit an individual’s needs. Our staff of compassionate and caring therapists work hard to ensure each visit is a quality session. With your cooperation, communication and trust, the plan will work.

Workout plans are customized to your pain tolerance and goals for mobility. When you feel pain, it’s important to communicate that discomfort with your therapist.  Plans can be modified based on your home environment, physical restrictions, and functional mobility.  It is important to give your therapist feedback about how you feel and what you think is working or not working.

Additionally, to see the anticipated results, you (as a patient) have to commit to the plan.

It is critical to stay motivated during your recovery. Physical Therapy can be a slow process but it can be very rewarding when you reach the finish line.

Myth #5: After physical therapy you are fully healed.

Fact: At the end of your required physical therapy sessions, you are not necessarily “healed.”  Your therapist will often go over a plan with you or give recommendations for injury prevention post rehabilitation. It is important to take precautionary steps to avoid reinjury and to understand your body’s limitations.

If you haven’t met your objectives, they may recommend extended treatment. However, often there are specific exercises, stretches or fitness programs your therapist will recommend to maintain your health.

If you’re in Central Texas and the Waco or Clifton areas, call today and make an appointment with our therapists. Contact Elite Sports Physical Therapy today.