Five Simple Ways to Stay Active Without Going to a Gym

Staying still stifles you. One-quarter of the world’s adults do not meet recommended basic levels for physical activity. A person who is not physically active increases their risk of death by 20% to 30% when compared to someone who does stay active.

Some people think that physical therapy is adequate exercise and that going keeps them in shape. Other times people are tired from therapy sessions and the thought of going to a gym is daunting. Often physical therapy primarily addresses an acute injury, but maintaining your overall health depends on an active lifestyle. There are easy ways to stay active while also participating in physical therapy.

What are some fun ways to get exercise? How can you improve your mental focus in addition to your physical well-being? What exercises can you do inside your house?

While you should always consult with your physical therapist or doctor regarding what activities are safe, there are many health benefits to staying active.  Here are five ways to get active today.


1. Dancing

Dancing is one of the most fun ways to stay active. You can dance however you like and burn a lot of calories in very little time.

Try to find music with a fast tempo. This will encourage you to dance quickly, sending your heart rate up.

If you want to start managing arthritis pain, try to perform dance moves that put your joints in motion. These moves may create some initial pain, but they build muscles around your joints. This can help mitigate pain in the long term.


2. Walking

If you are not used to a daily exercise routine, you can start going for walks around your neighborhood. Put on a supportive pair of shoes and go out for as long as you want eventually building up to longer distances. A 100-pound person walking at 3 mph will burn over 50 calories by walking just one mile. Invite a friend to join you or call someone you haven’t talked to in a while as you walk.

As you gain experience increasing your distance, you can also try going faster to burn more calories in less time. 


3. Climbing Stairs

Climbing is a great exercise for indoors or outdoors. You can still climb stairs on days when it is raining out. You can go to a location with a very long staircase such as a local mall or you can also climb stairs inside your house.

Make sure you clear all of the items on your stairs and wear appropriate footwear. You should also grip the railing as you go up and down so you do not lose your balance.


4. Yoga

Many experts on managing chronic pain recommend yoga. It can help build muscle and improve your balance. It can also improve your mental focus, helping you cope with pain.

Start with some basic yoga poses like the downward stretch. Then work your way up to more complicated positions. Yoga is a great exercise to warm up before a long walk, but you can perform it on its own as well.

Incorporate yoga into a physical therapy plan. The benefits of early physical therapy for pain are substantial, but you can lose them if you exert yourself too much.


5. Cleaning Your House

Cleaning your house lets you exercise while getting housework done. Upbeat music can help make this activity more fun too! Sweeping the floors is a great upper body exercise, especially if you exert yourself. Even simple chores like vacuuming, dusting and washing the dishes by hand all burn calories and keep you active. If you can’t get outside, organizing a closet or moving furniture out of storage also require you to use your arms and legs.

Stay Active and Keep Your Physical Therapy Routine

Anyone can stay active without straining their body. Dancing is a fun way to unwind while moving your joints.

Walking is an easy exercise that lets you burn hundreds of calories. If you don’t want to go outside, you can climb the stairs in your house.

Yoga combines physical motions with intense mental focus. Cleaning your house can help keep you in shape, especially if you do chores like sweeping your floors.

You can combine activities with a good physical therapy routine. Elite Sports Physical Therapy serves Waco residents. Request an appointment today